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You will learn how to make desserts at a professional level

More than 35 the most popular and legendary recipes only in 9 weeks


Everyone can cook at a professional level

- Polina Filimonova, the course creator
One of the most famous pastry chefs in Europe – more than 1M followers on the main Instagram profile. More than 400k followers on the main YouTube channel
Made thousands of desserts, had more than 100 000 students online and offline
Newly created Instagram account for English-speaking followers:

How many times did you think that making desserts was too complicated and definitely not for you?

Here we will challenge this statement!

My students and I have made a huge number of amazing desserts and cakes over the years.

Now, I may say with certainty that everyone can learn how to make spectacular desserts, even if they have never done it before or don’t know how to turn on the oven. The main things are the right teachers and your willingness to learn.

If you truly want to upgrade your pastry skills, I can guarantee that already in 2 months you will surprise others with your progress in pastry. Moreover, you may fall in love with this hobby and turn it into profitable business.

Polina Filimonova
Course creator and CEO of Pauline School

Programme of the course has already been approved by more than 50 000 successful students

9 classes which include detailed videos and text-based PDF recipes: from simple to complex, you will get a lot of pastry life hacks and professional tips
Class №1
Cupcakes: 3 types of filling
  • Chocolate, lemon and berry cupcakes
  • How to work with dough
  • Homemade berry curd fillings
  • Perfect piping techniques
  • Thick types of frosting
  • How to work with different piping tips
Class №2
  • Classic New York cheesecake and No-bake Chocolate Orange cheesecake
  • How to make cheesecake layer in 10 minutes
  • Cheesecake baking: getting the right texture
  • Cheesecake decorating
Class №3
  • 3 types of sponge
  • 3 types of filling
  • 2 types of frosting
Construction kit for trifles
  • How to make perfect sponge and soaking liquid
  • Life hacks on quick and trendy trifles decorating

Surprise your loved ones with amazing desserts from the first class!

Review by Martini Pieroelie, Indonesia:
«The videos are professionally made and easy-to-follow. I learned a lot. Thank you, Pauline School and her team. Highly recommended!»
Class №4
Classic Sponge cake and Red Velvet cake
  • Cakes making & decorating
  • How to make tall sponge
  • Homemade soaking liquids
  • How to cut sponge into even layers
  • Types of frosting for smoothing
  • Cake decorating
Class №5
Zefir and meringue cookies
  • Mini-desserts from egg whites which are healthier and more delicious than the ones from the grocery stores
  • How to whip egg whites properly
  • Perfect consistencies for egg-white desserts
  • How to work with piping nozzles
Class №6
  • 3 types of macarons (choose 1 only)
  • How to work with almond flour
  • Italian-method meringue
  • 3 types of filling
  • How to make perfect macarons’ shells without any holes
  • Amazing thick curd fillings
  • How to assemble macarons

Make natural and high-quality desserts for your family and friends!

Review by Segolene Nselele, France:
«My favourite parts were cheesecakes' and macarons' classes. I learned so much. Thank you!»
Class №7
Chocolate Truffle cake and cake with pear filling and creamy frosting
  • Cakes making & decorating
  • How to make all-purpose creamy frosting for filling and smoothing
  • Secrets of chocolate sponge, chocolate frosting and chocolate glaze
Class №8
Biscuits and cookies
  • Gingerbread cookies with royal icing
  • Savoiardi cookies, kourabiedes
  • Baking & decorating
  • How to get the right cookies’ texture
  • Learning various types of icing, decorating elements
Class №9
Two-tier cakes
  • Two-tier cake with two different recipes for tiers
  • How to assemble multi-tier cakes
  • Dimensions: a way to find the perfect size of tiers
  • Tips on two-tier cake decorating

We even have people with kids studying with us on regular basis

- 01 -

All the classes are pre-recorded

You can watch them at any convenient time using your phone or laptop
- 02 -

One class – one week

You can make amazing desserts in no hurry
- 03 -

Complex recipes are divided into parts

It doesn’t matter if you make sponge, frost the cake or assemble it at separate times – the result will be equally great

You already have 80% of ingredients and equipment for your spectacular desserts at home!

No food waste – you’ll get it right on the first try

All the recipes have been tested multiple times, it’s almost impossible to fail More detailed

You also get text recipes with all the necessary instructions for each class, where you will find everything about ingredients, equipment and dessert making process.

Easy-to-follow and detailed description that absolutely everyone can follow More detailed

All the processes are demonstrated in the video in details: how to get the right consistency, which way to stir the dough is correct, how to hold a mixing bowl properly. You will be able to follow the chef’s instructions with no difficulties.


Tutors will answer all your questions within five minutes from the moment you send them – 24/7, seven days a week

They will make everything possible to help you through the course till the very end
Tutor for the courses Basic Pastry, Modern Desserts
Experienced tutor, pastry chef. One of the best students of Polina Filimonova
Lead tutor, experienced in food photography
Tutor for the courses Basic Pastry, Modern Desserts
Tutor and developer of training programmes

Our students are very pleased with the results and emotions they got within the course

They are proud of the progress they made

Following the course completion, you will get a personal Certificate

Certificate is one of the most important things for every pastry chef, especially if you decide to make desserts for clients

Sign up for the Basic Pastry Online Course now to get a discounted price

  • Induction class: equipment & ingredients
  • Class 1. Cupcakes
  • Class 2. Cheesecakes
  • Class 3. Trifles
  • Class 4. Classic Sponge cake & Red Velvet cake
  • Class 5. Zefir & Meringue cookies
  • Class 6. Macarons
  • Class 7. Chocolate Truffle cake & cake with pear filling and special frosting
  • Class 8. Biscuits and cookies
  • Class 9. Two-tier Wedding cakes
  • 60 various combinations of flavours for your amazing desserts
Homework checks and support from our tutors 7 days a week
Private chat with tutors for our students only
12-months access to the video classes from the start date
Personal certificate after the course completion

You can book your spot by paying in instalments

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19 US$ pre-payment
Pay the first instalment now and make the other two later
- 02 -
70 US$
Pay the second instalment at the end of the first week of the course
- 03 -
70 US$
Pay the last instalment by the end of the third week of the course
Make pre-payment for 7 classes
- 01 -
19 US$ pre-payment
Pay the first instalment now and make the other two later
- 02 -
90 US$
Pay the second instalment at the end of the first week of the course
- 03 -
90 US$
Pay the last instalment by the end of the third week of the course
Make pre-payment for 9 classes


Why is this course better than YouTube videos?

Many YouTube videos are great, but there’s no one to help you if you experience any difficulties with the recipe.

This course provides you with tutors’ support, which means that they will help you during the dessert making and share all the life hacks they know.

Why is this online course better than offline classes?

Taking online course means you will make all the desserts at your own kitchen, with all the equipment and ingredients you can choose without haste, carefully considering prices and quality.

Moreover, you will see all the details from the first row! If you haven’t understood some points or have simply forgotten important details, you can replay video classes within 12 months from the start date.

Besides, you can ask your tutors all the questions that appear in your head during the whole course – not only during the class.

Choosing online course, you save time and energy as everything happens right at your place – no need to travel or delay other things on your agenda.

What do I need for the course?

Don’t worry, there are just a few key points:

  • Oven and baking pan
  • Sharp serrated knife (or just a large one)
  • Large and deep mixing bowl
  • Electric mixer (no less that 500 W)
  • Flexible spatula and whisk
  • Baking ring for sponge (around 16-18 cm in diameter)
  • Piping bag and tips

I will explain everything within the induction video class right before the start of the course. Some equipment is essential, but some things are optional. Don’t worry, you’ll get it.

I want to take the course, but the closest start date doesn’t suit me.

You can book the course now at a discounted price and start later, it’s totally fine. We will choose the most suitable date for you.

If you changed your mind about the course, we can make a refund. You have nothing to lose.

I live in a small town and we don’t have large grocery stores.

Please, don’t worry about it. We have a lot of students from very small towns across the world.

We totally understand that it may be hard to have all the necessary equipment for the course, but it’s always possible to order some equipment and ingredients online in advance. Moreover, delivery usually takes 2 weeks max, so we can pick a date that would suit you the most. Many of our students do that, no need to worry! Besides, you don’t need to have all the ingredients by the start of the course.

I’m not sure if I want to become a professional pastry chef. Should I take this course if this is just a hobby?

Of course! Many our students pursue baking as a hobby, and they are just happy with the progress they make within the course, while working as financial directors, business consultants, studying or taking care of kids.

You can rediscover who you are, explore new things in pastry and may even turn it into a profitable business one day.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it on the first try and will just waste food for nothing.

Don’t be! All the recipes have been tested multiple times, and text files and video classes are very detailed. Besides, our tutors will help you if something goes wrong – you will definitely be able to make spectacular desserts right away.

I’ve never taken online courses before. How does it work?

There’s nothing difficult! Basically, every Thursday you get a video class and text recipes with all the instructions about ingredients and equipment that you can access via our special learning platform. You upload your homework to the same platform, and our tutors check it.

Besides, we send you the link to our private WhatsApp chat for Pauline School students only. There you can send all the questions you have during the course, get pastry life hacks from our tutors and meet like-minded people from all over the world who are passionate about baking.

We're ready to answer all your questions

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